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F1TP EP-5G DC Coupler EN-EL25 ENEL25 EN-EL25a ENEL25a Dummy Battery EH-5 for Nikon Z fc Zfc Z30 Z50, with Fully decoded Smart Chip

F1TP EP-5G DC Coupler EN-EL25 ENEL25 EN-EL25a ENEL25a Dummy Battery EH-5 for Nikon Z fc Zfc Z30 Z50, with Fully decoded Smart Chip

【Compatible Models】F1TP EH-5 plus EP-5G DC coupler EN-EL25 ENEL25 EN-EL25a ENEL25a dummy battery EH-5  compatible with cameras Nikon Z fc Zfc Z30 Z 30 Z50, with fully decoded Smart Chip

【Function】EP-5G DC coupler kit replaces the EN-EL25 ENEL25 / EN-EL25a ENEL25a camera battery and connects to an AC adapter EH-5 / EH-5a / EH-5b to power your camera from an AC outlet. Useful for lengthy studio shoots with no need to continuously replace and recharge multiple batteries.

【Packing List】EP-5G   DC coupler (EN-EL25 ENEL25 / EN-EL25a ENEL25a dummy battery, with built-in smart decoding chip)  included.

【Specifications】Worldwide Input Voltage: AC 100~240V 50~60Hz Output: DC 9.0V/4.5A 40.0W

【Material & Security】Made of high quality plastic, copper wire and metal materials, compact design, 1-Year Warranty, CE and China CCC certified

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Camera Ac Adapter EP-5G For Nikon Z50,ZFC 

F1TP EH-5 Plus EP-5G replacement  is designed to supply uninterrupted power for your camera while downloading pictures to your computer, for extended work in a studio, or while viewing images while connected to your TV or VCR, which doesn't require you to go through the authenticity check on the screen from time to time.

Compatible with:
Digital Cameras Nikon Z fc Zfc Z30 Z50 .

Package Include:
1 x EP-5G DC coupler (EN-EL25 ENEL25 / EN-EL25a ENEL25a Battery Replacement)

1. 12-months warranty is offered with the purchase of F1TP product.
2. Online customer service is provided when you have any query regarding product or using guidance needed.If you are not satisfied with any product or delivery, please contact us at the first time.

Instructions for use(IMPORTANT):
1. Installing the EP-5G DC coupler into the battery compartment, routing the cable through the side/the slot in the camera and fully closing the battery compartment door;(key step if you leave the battery compartment lid open the camera won't be able to be powered on.)
2. Connecting the DC coupler with the AC power adapter;
3. Connecting the adapter with an AC cord to plug into the outlet.
★Please Note:This kit is used to supply power for the camera. It is not possible to charge the battery EN-EL25 or EN-EL25a.



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